Enspiral is a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals working together to create a thriving society.

Powerful things take place when like minded people connect. We've seen this repeatedly: conversations spark ideas, which become projects that grow into world changing ventures.

"If a trickle of human energy can make a difference, imagine what a river could do."


Our network is made up of three parts:

Enspiral Foundation

Our foundation is the glue that connects all the people and companies in the network and exists to increase the capacity of social entrepreneurship around the world. It holds Enspiral intellectual property and the infrastructure that enables members to communicate with one and other and make decisions.

Service Companies

We have talented professionals working together in teams to offer a comprehensive spectrum of business services under one roof, from web design to communications to accounting and legal. We cater to clients from across sectors and specialise in projects that create social value.

Startup Ventures

These start-ups are innovative digital-based solutions that create value for society as part of their core operations – from enabling local food distribution to collaborative decision-making and reinventing education.