Where conversations spark ideas, that become new projects, which grow into world changing ventures.

Each of our ventures tells a story of collaboration sparked from like minded people coming together.

Find out how companies become Enspiral Ventures, and how they contribute to the Enspiral Foundation to achieve a collective impact and vision, here.



Bucky Box is building cloud software for an emerging food system, one that solves the food distribution problem... 


Chalkle° makes it easy for anyone to stand up and say "I have a skill and I want to share it with others"... 

Loomio empowers communities to take collective action by making simple to participate in decision-making... 

Rabid is a digital consultancy specialising in challenging software projects...   

Metric Engine is an app that helps similar organizations compare their performance and see how they can improve...   

Enspiral Accounting provides professional accounting services to individuals and organisations who value social responsibility.


Enspiral Legal specialises in supporting tech startups, social enterprise and charities on structures, commercial advice, legal documentation, copyright and licensing.


Enspiral Space is a co-working space which caters especially to social enterprises, non-profits and ethically focused freelance professionals... 


New Zealand's first Developer Academy. Launching Wellington in 2014. Radically upskill your tech skills in a 9 week bootcamp.

ActionStation is a new platform for progressive citizen-led social change that enables Kiwis to take powerful, coordinated action online and offline. 


Volunteer Impact is focused on supporting environmental volunteers to track, measure and understand their impact.


Scoop is NZ's largest independent news source freely available to the public and has a range of communications services for professionals. 

LIFEHACK supports Kiwis to develop & launch inspiring Wellbeing projects and ventures with a tech focus.


Orientation Aotearoa provides transformative education for young adults to contribute to a more healthy, just and sustainable world

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Enspiral Craftworks is a collective of developers and designers, who build beautiful software for enterprises and startups.