People are at the heart of Enspiral. 

Enspiral is a wide and diverse network of people. The members below are supported by 250+ contributors and friends in New Zealand and around the world.

Find out how people join and relate to the network here.



Alanna Krause

Alanna is a co-founder of Loomio and a director of the Enspiral Foundation. She's passionate about innovating processes, technology, and structures for positive social impact.

Andre Bate

Andre is a co-founder of Metric Engine and wants to save organisations reinventing the wheel through making it easy for them to learn from each other.


Anthony Rohan

Antz is a co-founder of Enspiral Accounting and heads up the Christchurch office. He provides accounting support for NFPs, charities and social enterprises and specialises in Xero implementations and Xero add-ons.


Ants Cabraal

Ants is a co-founder of chalkleº and is always looking for ways to unboringify the important and help good things go faster.



Ben Knight

Ben is a co-founder of Loomio. He has a research background in cognitive neuroscience and the evolution of collective intelligence, and a practical background in community coordination, social justice organising, media and communications..

Charlie Ablett

Charlie is Senior Developer with Craftworks. Her focus is on dissemination of information and leveraging technology for positive change. She wants the world to see crafting software as the creative and totally-not-boring discipline that it is.


Chloe Waretini

Chloe is a co-founder of the Waitakere Festival and heads up The Purposive Collective – a multi-disciplinary team in Enspiral Services of people who use their creative talents to build communities of purpose around social and environmental projects.

Charmaine Meyers

Charmaine is a co-founder of Enspiral Accounting and a Director of Enspiral Space. She has a passion for Accounting, Local Food and helping social enterprises achieve their best.


Craig Ambrose

Craig is a senior programmer with Enspiral Craftworks, and technical lead on chalkleº. He's passionate about crafting beautiful code and lifelong learning.

Chelsea Robinson

Chelsea was one of the founders of Generation Zero, she was a New Zealand Youth Delegate to the United Nations Climate Negotiations and a Convenor of the Delegation to Mexico in 2010. Chelsea has a BSc in Environmental Studies and is currently working with Loomio, LifehackHQ and Generation Zero.

Josh Forde

Josh is a founder of Rabid, specialists in new online products and services. A board member of Enspiral Foundation, long-time member of the Enspiral network, and investor in Pledgeme and ThunderMaps, he is involved throughout Wellington's startup and social enterprise community.

Joshua Vial

Joshua is an entrepreneur with a passion for business, technology and social change. He is the founder of Enspiral, co-founder of Enspiral Craftworks, Dev Academy and Better Insights and a board member of Enspiral Foundation and handful of other Enspiral companies.


Nandini Nair new.jpg

Jon Lemmon

Jon is a co-founder of Loomio. He brings a powerful combination of technical experience, communication skills, and passion for community. He has several years experience working on software in the film and music industries, and has further experience coordinating and engaging in community-based events and social activism.


Megan Salole 

Megan is the outgoing Executive Director of – a progressive engine for enabling more democratic participation and people powered change. She has an extensive background in creative campaigning and across business and political landscapes, is a huge fan of social enterprise, and an eternal optimist.  


Nanz Nair

Nanz is a freelance graphic designer specialising in branding, web design and infographics. She helps social enterprises and NGOs realise their vision through design and collaboration. Currently, she is the design lead at chalkleº, Dev Academy and Conscious Consumers.

Rebeka Whale

Rebeka Manages Enspiral Space, our co-working home-base. She’s a Spatial, Performance, Experience, Graphic Designer, and Maker with a knack for facilitation, comms and growing food. She brings the juju to our social and public events, and freelances with local entities.




Richard D. Bartlett

Rich is Director of Autonomy at Loomio. He believes in the boundless potential of small self-organising groups to reshape society in a way that works for the planet.

Robert Guthrie

Rob is a software architect with Loomio. He spends his days dreaming of ways to innovate on the internet and disrupt the status quo by creating open technologies.

Rochelle Furneaux

Rochelle is the Director of Enspiral Legal Ltd and provides both Enspiral and private clients with legal advice in relation to social enterprise and traditional business

Rohan Wakefield

Rohan is a co-founder of Enspiral DevAcademy and has a background in business development, working with both large organisations and startups. He has a keen interest in growing New Zealand’s technical workforce capabilities.


sam parkin.jpg

Samson Ootoovak

Samson likes computers AND people. A computer programmer working in Ruby and more and more in Javascript. Fortunate to be a part of DevAcademy, Bucky Box and Enspiral teams.

Silvia Zuur

Silvia is the founder of chalkleº and board member of Enspiral Foundation. She brings a passion for education, and wealth of international youth work and events management.

Simon Tegg

Simon works across Loomio's Comms and Product teams. Read his long pieces at the Loomio blog, read his short pieces at @loomio, read his code at git blame

Sam Parkin

After 8 years of corporate life abroad Sam returned to NZ to find new motivation through Enspiral's mission, values, and startup cultivating initiatives. An analyst developer with a strong data background he mainly works with iOS, WordPress and PHP. 



Maz Hermon

Maz is a digital creative and designer, front end web developer, collaborator and animator with a keen interest in UX/UI and general creative problem solving using visual communication.



Linc Gasking

Linc co-founded chalkleº and is co-founder/CEO of 8i, pioneering a new way of recording & experiencing live-action content using virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift.



Anake Goodall

Anake is an Ōtautahi Christchurch-based company director. He is committed to building the support networks needed to get ideas up and to scale, and is attracted to great people working on wicked problems




Sam Rye

Sam is currently leading the social innovation lab, Lifehack HQ, founded Volunteer Impact and occasionally works freelance with Purposive. His background spans sectors and disciplines. Sam believes in the power of individuals working together to regenerate our society and the planet which nurtures us.

Damian Sligo-Green

Damian is a co-founder of Noshi Creative and is energised by service and design solutions that empower people and positively contribute to the health of our shared environment.

Phill Coxon

Phill is Foundation Operations Manager for the Enspiral Foundation, director of Enspiral Services and a developer in the Lean Websites team. Phill is passionate about creating postive social impact through community development and social enterprise.


Theodore Taptiklis

Teddy is a thinker, writer and organisational activist working towards a new era of human enterprise and collaboration. Seeing a strong connection between New Zealand's distinctive place in the world and the bold independence of the Enspiral collective, he is hoping to help to bring these together to create a unique and transformative global offering.